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Encore Athletics will always provide a fun and safe environment. Increase your child's self image, confidence and discipline by enrolling them at Encore Athletics cheer and dance. The experienced and dedicated staff has structured programs toward the goal of developing both the body and the mind. We offer classes in cheer and dance for children beginning at age of 18 months. Children reap the benefits tumbling and dance have to offer, from body control, flexibility and posture to gracefulness, balance, and most importantly, learning the importance of teamwork. Encore Athletics will work with your child, whatever level, whether the goal is recreational, developmental or competitive. We instill feelings of self worth and accomplishment in each child. Our students are also developing muscular and cardiovascular strength and stamina. Some are even developing the intense interest and love of the sport and the skill level that will lead them into professional competition.

5001 Crown Manor Place

Louisville Ky, 40218